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Woodlands Hotel and Suites

Nestled on the edge of a 40-acre pine forest, this is a moderately priced Williamsburg hotel. And no other Williamsburg hotel is as conveniently located -- the Woodlands Hotel and Suites is right at the starting point of the 18th century, at the Visitor Center for Colonial Williamsburg. You can follow the Nature Trail to the Historic Area, or just hop on a shuttle. The Bridge to the Past and recreational facilities at the Woodlands Hotel and Suites make it a great vacation destination.

Enjoy the pool, and all of you can relax among the deep shade and gentle silence of the pines, miles apart and 200 years away from the cares of daily life. For dining, there's the new Colonial Williamsburg family restaurant, HUZZAH! with food and drink to cheer about.

Map of Woodlands Hotel and Suites